What is Eco-cart?

Eco-cart is a tool that helps make our shipping process carbon neutral. The orders are analysed using an algorithm based on the product weight, size, and delivery location, we cover the small percentage that it costs to do this. On top of planting trees to make our shipping carbon neutral, Eco-cart also allows us to support various eco-charities.

This year we have chosen to support the Laos water purification project.


In Laos, a study found that 86.3% of people had e. coli in their household drinking water, indicating a risk of diarrhoea and other waterborne diseases. Although a significant portion of the population treats water by boiling using wood or charcoal to make it safe for drinking, many families cannot afford the time to gather firewood or purchase charcoal and are forced to continue drinking unsafe water. This project helps provide ceramic water purifiers that remove microorganisms from water by gravity filtration through porous ceramics, with a typical flow rate of up to 55 litres per day.


  • Reduces illness, child and adult morbidity, and mortality.
  • Increases productivity by decreasing the amount of time and money spent on gathering firewood and purchasing charcoal.
  • Provides access to safe drinking water to over 300,000 people through the manufacture and distribution of more than 70,000 purifiers.

Watch this to know more about The Laos Water Purification project 👇