About Us

Hey Beautiful Souls,

I'm Zenith, the heart and soul behind Pretty Please – a wellness brand born from the fusion of my deep passion for beauty and an unwavering love for self-improvement and wellness.

Picture this: a space where beauty meets self-discovery, where each woman, especially those navigating their twenties, finds solace and connection.

In the chaos of life, I've carved out Pretty Please as a safe haven for those who, like me, have felt a bit lost in the whirlwind of their twenties. This is not just a brand; it's a community, a tribe of unique and remarkable girls coming together in this adventure called life.

Blogging has become my love language, and through Pretty Please, I pour my heart into creating content that resonates with young women. I know the struggles firsthand – the mental health battles, the highs and the lows – but through embracing self-care practices, I've found the power to reclaim control over my life.

Pretty Please isn't your average self-care brand. Sure, we curate the best beauty and lifestyle products, but we go beyond that. We're in the business of helping you not only look good but create your dream life. It's about building a community that understands the rollercoaster of your twenties and supports you on the journey to becoming the most authentic version of yourself.

So, welcome to Pretty Please, where beauty is not just skin deep, and self-care is a holistic journey towards building your dream life. Together, let's embrace the unique, relish the journey, and bloom into the beautiful souls we were meant to be.
Zenith xo