Our First Ever Sisterhood Event

Picture this: a dreamy tea party where you can chill, connect, and treat yourself to some fab self-care. Let’s dive into the fun history of women’s gatherings and what you can expect at our Sip & Self-care Soirée.

A Brief History of Women’s Gatherings:

Women have always found magical ways to connect and support each other. Think ancient times when women gathered at communal wells to share stories and advice, or those elegant Victorian tea parties where ladies gossiped about life and love. These gatherings were all about more than just socializing. They were our safe havens to bond, share wisdom, and empower each other.


The Power of Female Community and Communication:

In today’s fast-paced world, feeling disconnected and isolated can happen so easily. But having a strong sisterhood of supportive, like-minded women can be a total game-changer. Studies show that women with strong social networks are more resilient and happier. Talking and sharing experiences not only boost our mental health but also remind us we’re not alone.


What to Expect at the Sip and Self care Soirée:

Our Sip and Selfcare Soirée is set to be the ultimate shared self-care experience. Here’s a sneak peek of what we’ve got planned:

1. Delicious Teas and Treats: 
Indulge in a variety of teas, from calming chamomile to energizing green tea, paired with an assortment of yummy pastries and finger foods. Because self-care definitely includes treating your taste buds!

2. Connection and Community:
Most importantly, our soirée is a chance to connect with other incredible women. Share your stories, swap advice, and build lasting friendships in a super supportive environment.

3. Best Dressed Competition and Lots of Prizes:     Every good event needs an even better theme and ours is Fairytale Garden: Fairies vs Princesses. Which team are you representing?

4. Exclusive goodie bags:                                             You’ll be going home not only with a smile and beautiful memories to look back on, but amazing exclusive goodies to help you remember the day and continue your pamper session at home!

We’re so excited to welcome you to our Sip and Self-care Soirée. It’s going to be an afternoon of relaxation, rejuvenation, and real connection. Let’s come together, celebrate our sisterhood, and remind ourselves of the incredible power of female community and communication.

Mark your calendars, bring your besties, and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

With love and anticipation,

Pretty Please xo


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