3 Galentine's Day date ideas for you and your girls

Ladies, brace yourselves! Galentine's Day is just around the corner, and it's time to celebrate the fantastic friendships that light up our lives. In this blog, we're dishing out not one, but three fabulous ideas to make this Galentine's unforgettable.

1. DIY Dinner (Party) and Games Night: Kick off Galentine's with a DIY dinner party – because who says you can't be your own chef? Unleash your culinary skills by preparing a delicious spread. Set the mood with fairy lights, cosy blankets, and a playlist of your favourite tunes. After indulging in your homemade feast, transition to a games night. Whether it's classic board games, charades, or a hilarious round of 'Never Have I Ever,' the night is yours to celebrate friendship.

2. Bowling: Get ready to strike up some fun! Book a lane at your local bowling alley for a quirky and active Galentine's outing. Embrace the laughter, friendly competition, and maybe even a few gutter balls. Don't forget to capture those memorable moments and celebrate each other's victories, both on and off the lanes.

3. Book a Studio: Unleash your inner rockstar! Book a studio session for a unique Galentine's experience. Whether you're belting out empowering anthems or creating your own rap verses, this is a chance to express yourself through music. Who knows, you might discover hidden talents or simply have a blast jamming together. It's a celebration of friendship and creativity rolled into one.

Here's to the queens who make every day brighter – Happy Galentine's Day! Remember, it's not just about the plans; it's about the people. So, embrace the joy, soak in the love, and celebrate the extraordinary bonds that define Galentine's Day.

Create some unforgettable memories,

Pretty Please xo

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